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Trying to summon the energy to start the creativity in the next weeks. And hopefully, by the end of this month, LOLLIDAYSprojects could finally launch it's new collection! Wish me luck, guys! 8)

Meanwhile, here's a quick recap of some of the 2010 collection...

felt bangle [sold] 
ingenue straps bracelet [sold]

green recycled t-shirt necklace [sold]
dotty lime fabric necklace [sold]

lolliflower brooch in black + fuschia [sold]

yarn bangles [sold] 
lolliflower in peacock [sold]

green octopus recycled tee necklace [sold] 
red chunky recycled tee necklace [sold]

medallion felt ring - ladies series [sold] 
teal vintage cabochon ring [sold]

lolliflower - green gingham [sold] 
stacks of oval felt necklace [sold]

mixed braided necklace [sold]
sunkist straps bracelet [sold]

long braided necklace/belt [sold]

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