jersey yarn in the making

T-shirts upcycling can be so much fun!
The cutting part usually leave a sore hand, but it will all be paid off when you see the yarn balls coming...

see what I mean?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. hai... keren banget nih warna kaosnya.. dan efeknya jadi beda banget ya kalo guntingan kaosnya dah di tarik, biasanya aku bikin tali dari kaos gini buat di rajut pake jarum besar.. oya, aku punya tuh in the name of the father, kayanya aku masih liat dvd bajakannya di chelsea tamansari bandung .. ntar deh kalo aku pas nyari dvd, aku cariin sekalian..


  2. I have always wanted to try this out...i saw a video tutorial on you by the way for leaving your link. {am still a bit embarrassed by the "mistaken identity" incident....hahaha}

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for following Little Project Room and introducing me to your handmade goodness.

  4. Nice to know your wonderful blog, Paula...
    You absolutely have loads of inspirational stuffs there! Very nice!

  5. how do you attatch all the strips? or is it a a long strand... never thought of this and i love knitting!

  6. I made 2 kind of yarn... one is a long strand which can be formed into a yarn ball at the end and the other is a bulk of short strips that I got from the arm parts and the waste of chest + back part of the T-shirt.

    You can get a continuous long strand from a 'no side seems' t-shirt. Cut a continuous 1-inch strip horizontally all the way around and up the t-shirt until you reach the arm holes.

    FYI, I usually use the short strips for making bracelet.

    and viola! =)



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