hello July!

I had a super fun getaway in the city of London last April with hubby and two of our besties, O & W.  Love the weather - just make sure you're wearing the right outfit! =)... also love the art, the parks, the trees, the street fashion, the buildings, the transportations, the M&S food hall (love those fresh fruits and salads!), the shops (heaven! even for only window shopping, LOL)... 
well.. well, I think I love almost everything about London, =D 
Oh and the climate was wonderful too! It's already spring, I believe, so besides the chilly wind, we also experienced the hot of the sun. The rain didn't happen too often while we were there which is an advantage for us. So I guess, we're very lucky in terms of London's weather!

However, this fun experience also brings a prolonged laziness! After 10 days of great vacation I still couldn't manage my self to get up and work again! So, I suppose it's wise enough to dedicate last April as a month of 'self-indulgence' for me, right? hehehe...

Now, it should be the time for some creativities! At least, I can start it with editing & then posting some photos... how about that? =D
I also planning to throw a giveaway, soon... so, visit me often, k!

c o v e n t g a r d e n

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